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EDDM Notepads

Notepad advertisements are highly efficient for business. Their usefulness to the end-consumer & their rock-bottom printing costs have made them a staple of realtors for decades. One notepad is a potential 20-100 pieces of useful Ad, winding up in the lives of people other than the initial recipient. Getting spread around that persons house, coworkers, grocery store, friends, family, or whoever else receives written material from that person is valuable, especially at their price of printing manufacturing and logistics. (Free delivery is available to Irvine and Orange County).

They’re a Primer For Your Stronger Ads

1.) Be Useful, Available, & Valuable  2.) Trust & Brand Awareness Grows  3.) Send In The Real Advertising.  

The critical role of notepads is to make audiences more receptive to your more powerful, compelling, calls to action. People need these convenient pads of paper but aren’t truly driven enough to buy them. Your notepad could be making lists for travel organizing, love you notes, grocery shopping, an important note in a box in your car, a chore list, or truly anything. You find your brand being plugged into the daily functions of your target audience. Over time, the human brain in all its wonder begins associating two things together; They see a logo, know that it’s a company, but the underlying connection that was formed underneath was “Hey, I know this. This is useful to me.”

People don’t buy these notepads because, let’s be honest, they’re not very durable. However, they sneak into our lives as being very convenient. The next step after notepads being sent is either brochures, flyers, catalogs, calendars, or door hangers. 

Delivering Brand Message with

  • Corporate Color Printing, Inc. Handles printed business material from countless industries big and small. Seeing you thrive is our interest as a partner.
  • We help businesses handle logistics information or even the logistics themselves for the printed material we produce for them. Industry notepads or advertisements included.
  • Notepads are a good way to build long-term brand awareness, trust, and loyalty through being a useful object in your audience’s household or office.
  • We offer a variety of effective notepad options able to exist comfortably within budget.
  • We encourage you to tap on our extensive experience for your branding needs. Corporate Color Printing, Inc. will gladly help you convey your story on your advertising notepads.
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Common Practices

Provide the bare essentials, logo, city, email & phone.

Using information and data you’ve collected, provide either accurate mailings to your specific target markets, or carpet bomb entire neighborhoods & commercial districts with notepads due to their trivial costs.

Our most recommended for price & coverage is 20 sheets per pad on 50Lbs white offset, chipboard backer and a full color cover sheet.

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