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  • Direct Mailing
  • Bubble Mailers
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  • Tube Mailers
  • Fragile Item Mailers
  • Secure Document Mailers

Direct Mailing – a classic and ever evolving tool

Digital marketing may be effective in taking your product or service to the masses on a large scale. But it has reached a saturation point when it comes to creatively engaging with the audience while doing so. People are tired of repetitive e-mails flooding their inbox.This is why the old school method of direct mailing has made a big come-back today. A lot of companies have resorted to this method and are constantly evolving new ways by which they can use it to catch people’s attention.

A personalized package to the potential consumers definitely guarantees a better response from them.People would love to receive a colorful package at their doorstep which triggers their curiosity. Regardless of whether they actually use the product or contact you, at least it successfully garners their attention and ensures that they see your brand name and listen to what you’re trying to convey.

After all, the key role of marketing is to effectively reach out to a maximum number of people. Direct mail campaigns definitely accomplish this task in a bigger way compared to standard e-mails which largely get ignored.

Bubble Mailers

These are great for books, trading cards, jewelry, small electronics, cosmetics, DVDs, Video Games, CDs, promotional items, auto parts, vitamins and prescription medications, awards and plaques. Bubble wrap provides excellent protection, are lightweight, absorb shock with shipping, and are great mailers. Of course, sent from our office located in Orange County.

Corrugated Boxes

These are great for mailing books. They are inexpensive, easy to construct, minimize book movement in a package, can be adapted to any size book and are waterproof inside. Many prefer b-flute corrugated cardboard because they offer better protection for the ends and corners of books. While we do not print or brand the boxes themselves, we have partners in Irvine, CA who offer that service in conjunction with our printing business in Orange County.

Tube Mailers & Mailing Service

These are great for sending off posters, blueprints, or material that succeeds better rolled up instead of folded. The long cardboard tube has plastic lids on each end. The poster is rolled up and secured in the tube and won’t get creases. Offered as convenience, for artists and construction companies in Orange County & Irvine.

Fragile Item Mailers

These will require a mailer that is slightly bigger than the item. You may also need extra bubble wrap for added protection, stronger buffer and shock absorbtion from the rumble of shipping and handling.

With all these options available, Corporate Color Printing, Inc. is able to determine which type of mailer is best suited to your business needs, your products needs, and the desires of your target market. We have a track record to prove our excellence and have served hundreds of brands, including internationally recognizable names. We have had the pleasure of starting off with the printing needs of startup entrepreneurs and through the years have seen their business – and their printing needs grow.

Secure Document Mailers

Some materials need high security like money bags or legal documents. These will require a heavier mailer with silver interior and white exterior, or your exterior color of choice. The adhesive strip location and type can be altered to suit evidence, bags and the like.

Delivering Brand Message with

  • Corporate Color Printing, Inc. has decades of experience in working with the postal service and in handling logistics overall.
  • Our logistics handling expertise ensures low costs on postage and mailing.
  • If you can’t mail it yourself, we will.
  • We carry stocks of mailers to handle a variety of marketing collateral & promotional products to serve to your loyal clients. With foil, custom inks & designs, we offer mailing like no other.
  • Insulated mailing for all of your most sensitive products.
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We Care About Your Product

You can rely on us to safely deliver important documents or fragile items, packaged most suitably with utmost care. From added layers of bubble wrap to shock absorption and water resistance our durable packaging material offer different degrees of protection based on the nature of the item.All this is done in a most cost effective way and you can get it mailed straight from our office if you want to save you time.

Making a thorough note of the age, demographics, gender and income of the receivers will assist in delivering packages that give a personal touch and appeal to the taste of the specific target audience. The direct mailers can be used as a way to bring people to your website or e-mail which previously went unnoticed. You can use customize the package to showcase your brand name. Including a few product samples, handwritten notes or making it interactive without deviating too much from the business point of view can increase the chances of eliciting a quick response from people who like it.

We don’t just deliver Corporate Color printing, Inc. would be happy to know your requirements and help you deliver your product in a way which will win people’s hearts or radiate a more professional air and be taken seriously.

Mailing services in Orange County

Direct Mailing at Orange County just got upgraded to a whole new level with Corporate Color printing, Inc.’s top class packaging and delivery services. Discover our new and creative ways of packing that will aptly fit your business requirements while keeping in mind the clientele you wish to interact with.

Avoid your product from getting lost amidst the clutter in the inboxes or cast aside as just another marketing e-mail. Let its value be known to the world. Reach out to millions through our mailing service which keeps up with the current day marketing trends.

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