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We avoid it at all costs due to cost concerns. For certain clients, the job will always be done the way they want. We solve these issues for them.

For independent authors, we specialize in Perfect-Bound book binding.

Anything is possible for larger clients, because we simply make it happen for larger businesses. Unfortunately for individuals or small offices, it is inefficient for us to help everyone we would like to, and we would love to, believe us. But we will avoid it due to inefficiency & lack of commercial demand, as clothes printing is usually in very small batches. We highly recommend smaller organizations who can do screen printing for you.

Yes. You can call and ask about this service with us, and we’ll gladly put you in our system to simplify future orders.

Note; this program largely revolves around loyalty.

We structure priority based jobs depending on the clients needs, the severity of their deadline, and the size of their organization. Failing to meet a deadline impacts a large organization far more than a small company.

However, we keep promises to when we give you turnaround time on your rush jobs, as we understand the critical nature of one deadline being met in order to meet another.

For offset printing, keep in mind that products will need dry-time. This varies on a complex number of variables such as material, size, and ink used.

We get this question asked a lot. It really depends, we have more than just the average 8.5 x 11 page, and the actual operation cost varies per-page if offset printing is being used. Our pricing structure is calculated by our math ninja, Daniel Valencia.

I’m going to be honest. “Flat Rates” for projects generally don’t exist here. Each project is priced and cared for on its own merits for all first-time buyers and projects. A new client will still have to work with us to find the pricing best for them.

(The rate per page for 500 copies will be significantly higher than the rate per page for 50,000.)


A few reasons for this, if you haven’t worked with quality printers before, is:

1.) We still perform quality control, setup, and handle the level of customer service you receive.

2.) In the past, we’ve done flat prices. But we ran into specific scenarios where we did not like the result.

Such as: A client ordering a small quantity of material, but over the course of two days made over 12 phone calls and 9 emails in order to adjust and change their desired end-result. Due to our desire to provide high-quality customer service and a cooperative environment, we cannot expect to make any gains by allowing new clients, big and small, to lock into a pricing at the beginning of a journey before we understand their situation. It opens up a method for our business to be abused, and is a lesson we learned as a quality-centric printing company.

3.) However, existing clients will be able to expect the same pricing per order in almost all cases until inflation forces us to reasonably scale the cost of service. 


It depends on a large amount of shifting variables, but we generally try to be as fair as possible. Keep in mind, we generally charge more per unit for smaller jobs, because no matter how big or small your job is, the best people are here working on it.

Of course! Give us your specifications and we’ll walk you through the pricing. It’s quick and easy.

Corporate Color Printing, Inc. Is an equal opportunity employer. We look for moral caliber, dedication, and talent in our workforce, not in a way that allows people to perform sub-standard. Businesses need to rely on us for the dedication and experience we offer to them.

If hard work and making businesses happy sounds good to you, bring a resume and schedule an interview.

We own a number of warehouse units in Santa Ana, our primary office is located at 1701 E Edinger Ave, Ste. B-1, Santa Ana, 92705.

We drop some hints here and there around the website, but for competitive reasons, we don’t state anything explicit about the investments that allow us to be where we are today.

No. It may be a feature we are looking into for the future, and we’ll make sure to announce any new services we offer on our blog and in our newsletters.

So, subscribe! We may be interested in featuring discounts for our blog subscribers in the future.

We however, at this time, have several partnerships with companies that can help you with printing on boxes.

Being good people, who feel good about what they do, and how well they do it.

It’s rewarding to live for the smiles you bring other people.

Warning: Gray area topic. We would love to be able to give clear cut information on topics such as these, since we hate wasting anyone’s time.

We, of course, service any order for the price it makes sense for us to offer it at. A central focus at Corporate Color Printing is hiring the best industry professionals to handle jobs, so that we can have the highest level of quality control in our market. Working with people who appreciate what we do is important to us, but we are not a “quantity over quality” printer. That market is best left for online printers. If you happen to find yourself frustrated with online printers, please give us a call and see what we can do for your business.

Yes. If you feel your business may qualify for enterprise grade, contact us and ask about our Enterprise Solutions.

If you had a concern that was not resolved by this FAQ, please send your question to [email protected], and make sure to add [email protected] in the CC field.

In addition to receiving direct response and clarification on your question, we will add a response that handles the question on here.

We are always looking to grow and provide more information for everyone we can, so thank you for your contribution.