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Doorhangers & Insights

  • Why Door hangers?
  • Why Door Hangers? Continued
  • Insights & Advice
  • Deployment Strategies

Mostly, Door Hangers are Effective due to:      

1.) Cost-Effective Marketing

2.) Ignoring Them Is Difficult

3.) Their novelty and stand-out nature separates them from direct mail and an audience’s mental “junk filter”.

Door hangers demand attention. They don’t have the room to make a full comprehensive sale pitch, but they can deliver carefully picked powerful messages and advertise plenty of services.

Daring messages that target how people think socially can get impressive results. “Your Neighbors are spending less than you on Car Insurance.


Your neighbors just signed up for George’s Landscaping. If we get the entire cul-de-sac signed up, it’s an extra 10% off for everyone.

It puts the pressure on in a way that Marketing has proven works when people base their decisions from the actions of their peers. With multiple varieties of stocks and finishes, we at Corporate Color have options for you to get the best results and delivered to your business or fulfillment center.

Need out-of-the-box concepts that ensure your brand sticks around longer? Double-sided with the classic “Do Not Disturb” on the back, and a much smaller logo of your brand and company on the same side (The goal of this back side is NOT to try and sell hard). By wedging your advertising into useful (albeit slow and steady) pieces of functionality into homes, you begin to be recognized and recalled upon when someone needs your service.

If you’re a cleaning company, hotel, college, or own multiple businesses, door hangers offer the inexpensive flexibility to properly control and signal traffic within an establishment with ease, or offer safety precautions for legal protections.

Overall, this tab will be inferring that you already know how to use results to identify your target market, write compelling copy, your call to action, and all of the other critical marketing success factors from making calculated marketing decisions.

1.) Either Design Simple or Make The Door Hanger Useful.

Keep in mind that people have only a real interest in quickly reading — and discarding — door hangers. If you’re not opting for the route of “Dual-Purpose Door hanger” for the audience to use around the house, save your money. Use bold colors and images, big headlines, and a simple, direct message or offer. Don’t try to promote more than one major benefit per hanger. An appealing coupon, combined with potent copy and a strong call to action, helps to increase the odds of conversion success (and the likelihood that the reader will hold on to your flyer). Obviously, be sure to include your contact information prominently on the door hanger.

2.) They are tools of measurement and identification.

Track their success, offer a coupon code on batches of door hangers that go to Neighborhood A, B, D, Q, etc… See what returns, what doesn’t. When you use door hangers to gather information like this, you generally can use them as a scanning tool for residential areas due to their cost to identify and properly segment who your target audience is and build off of the data.

3.) If you can afford it, make it look nice enough to reflect your brand quality. There are plenty of options for going the extra mile.

• print full-color two-sided door hangers for a more attractive piece that can include all the information you need to motivate customers to take the next step in the purchasing process
• print door hangers on 12 point gloss paper stock for a heavy, and elegant feel, both of which lend themselves to customers forming better opinions of your company.
• print as many door hangers as you can distribute at once to cut down on overhead, since your price per piece goes down as print volume goes up. (See Offset Printing)
• consider helping your door hangers stand out with perforated coupons, custom die-cut shapes, or bright and shiny foil stamps

4.) Ideally, aim to get someone with sales experience to hang them.

If you’re really strapped for cash, door hangers are the way to go. But after you have a door hanger that is presentable, be prepared that some of the housing may have in-out traffic while your door hanger goes door to door. If he or she encounters someone who lives at the house, have them just explain they’re using the door hangers to- (insert Elevator pitch) Ideally you can have a system in place to collect lead information right there, or even a sale.

5.) Cal State University, San Marcos conducted an experiment with door hangers to see what yielded the most effective results for influencing decisions in neighborhoods, centering on power usage. You can read the article, but what they found was that pointing out the habits of the persons’ neighbors influenced decisions the most strongly. “Your neighbors are doing ____” Is far more effective than providing all the benefits, values, dangers, and prosperities that “doing ____” brings directly, strangely.

6.) Measure your feedback quickly and adapt accordingly to what you receive. The nature of how door hangers are handled allows you to receive some of the quickest feedback on your campaigns direction and ideas; they’re either discarded, or the call to action is answered quickly. (Unless you’re opting for the half advertisement, half functional door hanger, in which case the goal is to slowly build brand awareness / loyalty while having your service number in their house)

This one is important for Door Hangers, as they aren’t placed or handled by postal services.

This either means a third party, volunteers, hiring part-time or other employees to do so.

However, in our years of experience, a solution we’ve seem to hear the best results from is this: When your serviceman or woman completes a job at a call, they also deploy the door hangers then and there in that neighborhood using door hangers that also point out they recently helped a neighbor, this employs social strategies.

(Plumbers, Landscapers, Roofers, Painters, Labor, Pool Servicemen, Repairs), is to:

1.) Deploy Door Hangers During Service Calls. (Recommended when possible, up to a certain size of business)

Door hangers deployed with this method using copy such as:

Your neighbor with the (detail of neighbors house) just got a new (pool, roof, painting, landscaping) job done. If something of that quality sounds good to you, we’d love to hear back and are offering a discount in this neighborhood with this discount code: (Insert discount code for exclusivity)

But even without using the social call-out, some companies have seen great success with their regular door hangers just being placed on every cul-de-sac door after a job.

2.) Third Party Delivery with GPS

You can likely save money by opting for cheaper labor than a professional delivery service, but for analytics and tracking purposes it’s peace of mind to know that the project was completed as instructed and delivered to the houses you paid for.

3.) Reliable Services Who Specifically Deploy Door Hangers, (expect to pay approximately $0.16/unit delivery) from services such as:

There are plenty of other deployment recommendations from around the various industries, but these are the most sure-fire and beneficial methods we may suggest.


Delivering Brand Message with

  • We work with you. We’ve been dealing with printed marketing material for decades. Servicing business needs with flexible, quality products from an eco-friendly supply chain, with urgency are critical to us.
  • Door Hangers offer a non-replaceable function for a marketing mix, including benefits to the daily functioning of businesses. The disadvantages of door hangers’ image is easily bypassed with a quality mindset behind its creation, and has these advantages, in summary:
    • Is one of the most low-cost marketing materials available
    • Specific Targetting 
    • Logistics-Friendly
    • Service-Oriented ( Landscaping, Cleaning, & Pool Maintenance services find high efficiency in their advertising through door hangers, able to take over entire swaths of territory in single days with a proper campaign)
    • Effortless bi-lingual arrangements
    • Valuable tool for local businesses
  • The choices we offer include a range of sizes, vertical layouts, matte or glossy finishes, the choice of black and white or full color on both sides of your hanger or just one side, extras such as foil accents, embossing, custom die-cuts, and more.
  • We encourage you to tap on our extensive experience for your branding needs. Let’s start growing together.
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Non-Marketing Use Cases For Door Hangers

Outside of the advertising world, door hangers service other needs effectively that other products cannot.

  • Political Campaigning
  • Health Standards / Reminders
  • Neighborhood Event Planning
  • Private Event Planners / Wedding Planners can use them as the most cost-effective way of managing off-limits areas to guests.
  • Maintenance Reminders
  • City Power Savings Reminders / Water Shortage Reminders
  • Memory Assistants for Senior Homes 
  • “Out of Town” or “Out of Office” notifications

Of course, we also print them custom, on-demand, every time.

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