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Direct Mail

Each day, the constant bombardment of online messaging creates a unique opportunity for organizations to reach people with an under approached method- something physical their consumers know is real, has authority, and has manufacturing capacity.

 To contrast surges of e-mail, direct mail remains essential to a powerful marketing campaign. Business knows that email is cheap, but so do consumers. Since the mailbox remains where brands authentically connect with their market, we’ve created a streamlined message delivery system that combines eye-catching and innovative work with perfect executions for budgets of any size, so that you can better service Orange County & California.

Direct Mail Acquires Customers More Effectively Than E-Mail

E-mail is growing in volume, but not in effective response. Inboxes get flooded, and everyone rushes through their inbox. With email, you’re confined to a subject line and “From: Company”. Your audience already doesn’t want it. It’s not worth the time.

With direct mail, your options are unlimited for hooking their attention instead of the black and white subject line. With almost 3 decades of expertise in printed marketing materials and direct mail, we know what to do to make it work. With the best relationships with list brokers in Orange County & California, our direct mail services are at your service.

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What We Send With Direct Mail

Corporate Color Printing, Inc. in Orange County is a company that makes sure your direct mail message gets sent to its intended destination; Anywhere from needing to design, to printing, to mailing out, we are your Orange County Direct Mail Company. Even when digital channels are extremely popular, Direct Mail is still a vital part of staying in touch with loyal or new customers, or marketing to potential customers. In most cases, Corporate Color Printing will print, address and mail your direct mail piece cheaper than the cost of a first class postage stamp. We operate postal software that enables us to process your mailing list and get the best postage rates. 

Soon to own a second location in Irvine, California, we’ve operated this service in and around Orange County for years. Although the most common products we mail for our clients are postcards, the mailing of trifold brochures, newsletters, and greeting cards are also in our expertise.

We are able to print on almost any type of paper with either full color digital printing or black and white digital printing in Irvine, Orange Country.
Our state of the art equipment allows us to print your digital order in 24 hours or less.

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