Irvine Printing Services

Our Printing Service is now located in Irvine At Corporate Color Printing’s new Irvine Printing Facility, we fully intend to continue our growth and extend our services to the premier clients of Irvine. We’ve enjoyed much success thanks to the large client base we have accumulated over our years of printing. We’d like to thank everyone, all […]

Importance of Business Card Printing

Business Card Printing Advice from Our Years of Printing in Irvine Your products deserve accurate representation. Surely! That’s why we work with you and answer questions about what we know works. But, here are some of the subtle messages you may not know about what your design choices mean in the realm of marketing, especially […]

Importance of Graphic Design, Part 1

Importance of Graphic Design in Orange County, California. A good graphic design depends on the imagination and creativity of a graphic design artist. The graphic design artist should be able to visualize the marketing approach of the company. They should illustrate the brand and logo of the company in a design that appeals and attracts […]

Best Tips for using Marketing Collateral

Business Direct Mail has, for a long time, been used in advertising. However, your Business print marketing material must be well planned and executed so that you can maximize on opportunities that are available through Business Direct Mail such as longer sales cycles, heightened credibility and profits. Here are some tips to maximize on your […]

6 Reasons Why Large Companies Use Marketing Collateral

6 Reasons Why Businesses Use Marketing Collateral By Mike Fredericks In short, yes. It is essential to growth, companies of all sizes need marketing materials to maintain and bring in new businesses. For professional, local, and retail services – even in this age of digital media – physical marketing collateral is very much still essential […]

Digital Marketing vs. Direct Mail

Digital Marketing vs. Direct Mail By Eric Haugen Unless you are an online super-behemoth like Amazon or Facebook, emphasis on digital marketing is, and always will be, insufficient for a company looking to drive sales. By far you will find that both are essential for a beautiful marketing mix to blossom into a bigger bottom […]