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Classics Of the Trade

Catalogs and Brochures delivered in 3-4 fold panels are popular options for their ability to deliver large amounts of information while still fitting into everyone’s favorite custom #10 Business Regular or Window Envelope. We can print those beautifully too, if you were wondering.

If you want to make your envelopes irresistible to get the highest open rate on your Direct Mail campaign to complement your mailed marketing material, then click here to learn more about the direct mail strategy with the highest open rate for 2017.

Promote & Present Your Facility or Service

In the industrial and manufacturing world, an overview of your facility is a critical presentation point to make to stake holders and investors. The most complex processes and layouts need quality design and precision in printing to make sure your presentations are backed with flawless material. All while having enough room to provide critical key points, facts, and statistics. Whether your facility is needing to be presented via line-art illustration or a simple catalog photo tour to take someone through your facility, or a standard industrial Catalog of your own design and specifications, we can help.


Print, Proof, and Mailed through Every Door Direct Mail

Streamlined processes and familiarity with distribution, logistics, and the postal service allow us to deploy your marketing campaigns with precision. With 28 years of expertise in our industry under the same leadership and elite staff, we strive to give you the most impact at the most effective prices.

We handle a variety of catalogs ranging from highly complex, detail oriented with sophisticated functions, to the most simple and mass-produced brochures. If you’d like to set up a project with us to deploy your campaign, call us or submit a quote here.

Are Catalogs Still Relevant to Today’s Consumers?

“…it takes more than just Web blitzes, email campaigns and big-buck marketing budgets to draw in consumers; it takes an edited and curated experience to make that customer connect with the brand and remind them of their presence —across all channels.” written by the commerce & sales tracking teams at, an analytics firm owned by Market Platform Dynamics and Continental Advisors LLC.

As we have written before, printed material is incontrovertibly important to marketing, especially in the sectors of building brand trust, awareness, and loyalty. Physical products that customers can feel persuade them that they are interacting with something established, safe, and authoritative in that market.

Delivering Brand Message with

  • Corporate Color Printing, Inc. has a track record of dealing with leading brands in the country and getting their catalogs perfect, with our mission being to make both you and your clients impressed by your own projects detail & quality.
  • We help businesses design and print business cards that engage customers and clients, while delivering brand message without any distortion. You won’t be giving out pieces of paper, it will be a tangible piece of your brand that a client can hold in their hands.
  • The choices we offer include a range of sizes, vertical layouts, matte or glossy finishes, the choice of black and white or full color on both sides of your card or just one side, extras such as foil accents, embossing, custom die-cuts, and more.
  • We encourage you to tap on our extensive experience for your branding needs. Corporate Color Printing, Inc. will gladly help you get at the heart of your business story and convey it on your business catalog.
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Custom Catalog Printing, Mailing, and Packaging, done perfectly.

At Corporate Color Printing, with comprehensive solutions to marketing needs from varied finishes, stocks, methods and inks to complete your catalogs or any other necessary products, is available on hand, and on-demand. Decades of experience in building great relationships with businesses large and small, we as printers have provided hundreds of thousands of catalogs across Southern California & The United States to drive businesses forward while growing together.

Catalogs offer a great avenue for dense, media-rich information with facts and photos to make a blend of irresistible selling power, complete with options, varying appeals to emotion, examples, copy, diagrams, layouts, designs, and branding. Catalogs, in their role, are a bigger brother of Brochures. They focus more around the varied options to make a customer or client feel as though they have plenty of flexibility so that they can choose their path, as opposed to Brochures, which are shorter and serve the purpose of closing a sale on a specifically given feature, service, or package chosen by the audience.

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