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Calendars & Industry Trends

  • Branded Calendars Work
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And Calendars Are Highly Effective Advertising For Their Cost

 At more or less the same cost as a Paid Advertisement click, a calendar offers a 365-Day brand & service advertisement.  This isn’t just 365 days in front of one person, but an entire household and the guests they attract throughout a year.

The multiple benefits a calendar provides you vs the value from a single ad click involves the effect on memory of a client households’ awareness, loyalty, and value of your brand. However, the logistics and manufacturing of a calendar requires the production capacity of a partner who can provide these powerful advertising tools for your business, especially in a business where seasons affect operation & flow.

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Out Of A Random Sample study of 2,000 People, 49% Still Use Paper Calendars.

And while over 100 million people are signed up for digital calendar services, less than 1% use them. Digital and paper calendars serve different goals. The function paper calendars accomplish in the household of many Americans and the global population is that it helps people get organized, and they cannot be ignored. The classic calendar is a tool that is impossible to brush aside and forget about, which is exactly why it is a robust marketing tool.

Print establishes trust from having a physical product that can be touched, felt, and seen in person as an interactive tool. The value a branded, advertising, or promotional calendar brings is the brand trust and loyalty that comes from it being a functional fixture in the households of your market.

However, a calendar for a demolition company likely isn’t to illicit the correct feelings in your target audience in the way that a healthcare company or financial consultant would. So, choose your marketing collateral appropriately.

The Product That Builds Your Brand
All Year Long.

  • For probably less than you spend on Adwords, Corporate Color Printing can print and mail your brand and be on the walls of homes everywhere.
  • A marketing collateral product that functions well with both commodities and services, giving effective B2B advertising and B2C advertising.
  • Promote partnerships with your ideal businesses you’d love to work with to have your brand, service and contact information always within eyesight.
  • You have a large array of media content that can be selected for subtle, effective impact upon your audience, with plenty of room to leverage your image, value, and position.
  • Once-annual investment that yields returns, brand equity, awareness, and loyalty all-year in the households of your target market.
  • The amount of options you have for your calendar are likely more elegant than you think. We can help figure out exactly what’s right for you.
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Do Brand Calendars Work?

Even in 2017, Digital Calendars aren’t seeing the use that some have predicted, with few people actually opting in to use them. This can obviously be attributed to our ability to close them. Meanwhile, the typical calendar remains fixed to a wall or desk, forcing us to remember about appointments and important upcoming dates along with any other visuals or information printed on them. This is particularly effective as an advertising tool for appointment & client centered business models which benefit from organized clientele.

The functional concept for why calendar advertising works is the same reason why notepads are so common for real-estate agent advertising:

1.) The advertisement provides too much value to be outright thrown away, especially if its’ sent ahead of time before someone has the chance to replace their current calendar.

2.) The advertising you provide serves a function that can benefit them.

3.) Far more than one single person is likely to see the calendar, they’re often placed in high-traffic areas of a household, making it difficult to ignore.

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