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EB5 Tradeshow Convention 2017 

Investors invested in our products for the aspects of reliability, quality, and ease of service. We trust their ability to invest in quality products that produce returns for their business. Following their financial decisions based on the returns they receive should provide some clarity on why they chose us.

You don’t have to be an investor, you just have to have something you believe in showing people.

EB5 Was an absolute pleasure to work with, and you can visit their website here.

Or, you can continue seeing some of the other banners we specialize in. 

Street Banners

They’re often used to promote local events occurring soon, relevant to the people who are in that commute. Strategically, they can be placed in-between two destinations you know your target market utilizes. The difference between a banner that catches attention, and a banner that is just a nuisance to take down, is that the one catching attention has:

  • An intensive amount of thought into weather and material (These banners in particular need to be water-wind proof),
  • Laminated using high quality material and machinery to ensure no spots will wear and degrade the whole of the banner.
  • Extreme color accuracy and vibrancy using proper UV coating to ensure the colors do not deteriorate and sun-bleach
  • Precision detailing into the design so that the vibrancy and sharpness of image catches attention of a driver or pedestrian


Banners For the Office

Whether it’s for the lobby in your office or the outside of your business, again sacrificing the quality of a banner is sacrifice of a client’s first impression and your own budget.

A banner that truly reflects a powerful message should stand the test of time, and be bought as few times as possible using the most durable material, to demonstrate the most value.

Delivering Brand Message with

  • The job of a banner is to catch attention from your audience in even the most intense situations, potentially competing with multiple sources of stimulation. For an effective banner, the finish & design needs to captivate its audience on the highway, in the streets, or at conventions. If it isn’t attracting your market, you need a better banner.
  • Corporate Color Printing, Inc. has provided multiple brands with powerful, attention-grabbing banners at industry-leading trade shows in southern California.
  • With a variety of options and finishes, your banner doesn’t have to be confined to specifications.
  • The choices we offer include a range of sizes, vertical layouts, matte or glossy finishes, extras such as foil accents, embossing, custom die-cuts, and more.
  • We encourage you to tap on our extensive experience for your branding needs. Corporate Color Printing, Inc. will gladly help you get at the heart of your business story and convey it on your banner.
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Corporate Color Banner Printing

Whether you offer information, services, education, or entertainment, custom banners are vital to showing the world your business. Something we always remind clients, is that you only need to buy one good banner, instead of constantly replacing multiple cheap ones. The process for making a good banner is simple, and involves making sure it is as resilient as possible to weather & light conditions to prevent fading.

Ideal banners are, or have:

  • Durable
  • High Quality
  • Vibrant, consistent colors
  • Sharp & Refined Detailing
  • Attention Grabbing Design

With experience developing leading banners that your salesmen and saleswomen can stand behind, we offer peace of mind and accountability with the manufacturing and delivering of your banner on time, for free, to your convention or business of choosing in California, and we dream to see your banners in Irvine and Orange County, California.

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