About us

To start, we're a source of the best printing in Irvine.

Every Day, We Try To Prove How Much We Care

Not only by mastering the interchange of business, logistics, and printing, but by trying to make noticeable positive impact on ourselves, our partners, and our loved ones.

At the end of every day, every person at Corporate Color works here because they want to help people achieve their dreams, and help others go further. For 28 years, we’ve helped businesses with campaigns to run, margins to grow, authors with a voice to be heard, and visionaries with an impact to be made.

Empowering these people has been the most fulfilling duty of our lives.

We do our best, listen to our customers, and outside of work, try to do some good in the world.


We’ve built and redone how we run business numerous times, kept the parts that resonated with our values, and kept true to doing good for each-other, the Orange County community, and the people that make it happen, you, our clients.

Seeing smiles and hearing "wow"s are what we live for, and we'd love to make it happen for you.

We're proud to provide a satisfying experience.

After 28 years, a printing company should know how to not disappoint the people who place faith in them. We only accept jobs we know will make you satisfied when our work is under your review. You may look at our FAQ to see if your job will be a good fit for us.

Our Values

Be Kind

Be Efficient

Make Business Easy for clients

Be Environmentally Friendly

Help People.

So, from everyone here, thank you for reading.

"We are at your service."

- The Corporate Color Printing Team