Orange County Handwritten Marketing Letters

by EricAugust 7, 2017

Great Examples of Personalization

Note: To check out our service page where we create you amazing, handwritten notes for your campaigns, check out our Handwritten Marketing Letters page. Don’t worry, handwritten envelopes aren’t expensive, we have neat machines that do it for you.

Our handwritten letters, postcards, mailers are created with generating the most sales in mind. It works, it’s human nature, we like to feel special and that someone values us.

Getting Personal With Mail

The first piece of mail someone is likely to open when going through that daily stack of mail is a handwritten note. It’s powerful, it makes us feel like it’s the most important piece of mail in that stack, tossing aside bills and other direct mail pieces to get to that handwritten envelope; but why? Because it’s mystery, it’s unknown. “Who would send this? Who would put the time and effort to write to me personally in this day and age?” in the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B Cialdini, we’re taught that we often comply with requests and respond happily when we feel we were initially valued by the person trying to influence us. Handwritten notes are not an exception here, you will stand out using handwritten mailing notes.

Real signatures on your marketing or corporate documents

Are you a CEO and understand that your signature carries power when people realize it was written with an actual pen? Would you like to annually address some of your corporate partners or companies with a signature included with your documents? Is printing a signature cheesy and overdone in your opinion? If you’ve answered yes to any or all of those, you may want to consider that we have machines that will grip a pen and write anything you’d like it to. From large swirling cursive fonts to short, bold, sporadic notation, we have it covered.

Got a mailing list for an invitational? Send us an Excel. Got a pen you’d like us to use? Can do, drop by or mail it to our printing facility at 17855 Fitch, Irvine CA.

Personalization may be the tool your marketing campaign needs to truly soar and stand out above the rest. Employ these methods of personalizing your mailings and expect to see a sharp rise in responses.

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