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by EricJuly 19, 2017

From Our Printing Facility in Orange County, Follow These Steps to Get Proffessional Printed Material.

If you’re here to get some printing done, check out our stuff that allows us to say we provide award winning printing products & services.

We’ve worked hard proving to people one by one the phrase ‘print is dead’ is literally dead wrong. Print stops the show and creates emotions that convert into sales and business like no other.

Although the media landscape of the internet has changed dramatically, the physicality of print is as sought-after as ever before.

Croatian studio Bruketa& Zinic, for example, is a company renowned for their annual reports, which provoke honest emotions from stunning, innovative works.

Create Print That Tells Story

“Think of the story you’re telling. Sometimes the story will force you into an innovative production, and it’s not simple or cheap.” Of course, the printing can be cheap and captivating, we’re just here to give some advice on how to design stuff that sells. After all, sales has, since the dawn of time, been a product of leveraging emotion. So, in order to help you create something that sells a story and lands clients, we’ve got 3 tips and tricks we’ve learned as a reputable Printing Company in Orange County over the past 3 decades:

1.) Avoid Gimmicks Everywhere, business cards, brochures, banners..

Good content can’t be stripped away with skepticism, suspicion, and mistrust. Provide real information, and leave room for the customer to tell their own story. Depending on the size of your company, you can afford to be more or less vague about your punchlines and sales tags. For example, Nike’s tagline is “Just Do It”,  Google’s sales tag is “Don’t Be Evil”, and the Google one makes sense because, Google is such an encompassing company that the tagline can apply even ambiguously. But anywhere else, the idea is bad. For a clothing store it may be “Be Seen, We’ll help.” because it’s a play on the real function of the company.

Remember that printing advertisements and mail spam are nothing new to Orange County, and especially nothing new to us as an Orange County printing service. We want to see you succeed, so, just remember false promises flow through the Los Angeles & Orange County areas like heat in summer, and make an attempt to be genuine.

The need for pain relief in your sales points should be baked into the conveyed concept, and in a believable manner.

2.) Communicate Through Print Like a Human.

Try to combine a strict rational approach in defining a communication strategy with an open-minded, human touch. Like we normally do. Extravagance is hard to relate to, unless you are the extravagant. Get real pictures, real people, saying real things and show the world.

No-one likes to look at a really pretty poster or flyer if it’s still mimicking the content in their spam folder for sales and deals they wanted once and nothing else to do with. Add a personal touch to retain customers. Have something bold to say, but something you’d also hear someone say.

3.) Have a strategy in mind

What emotions are you really solving? What are the precursors to the emotions, and why are those people in that emotional state? Have they made mistakes to lead them to the point where you are the solution? Comfort this. Tell people that’s totally normal and, it’s totally normal for a company like yours to be there and provide some assistance to those in need.

Why does someone want printed material? To grow. To thrive and show the world their business, what they’ve created, get some more money, and improve. Printing is about improvement, not just sales. It’s refining your strategies and image to truly resonate with the people you exist to help. So don’t sell lies, sell solutions. Any sales mentor will tell you that already, but it’s good to keep focused especially in the urban areas where people produce immediate negative response to the gimmicky world of advertising.

Check out our blog on Graphic Design in Print & You, or Importance of Graphic Design, Part 1 to learn more about quality strategies in designing print that sells.

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