Importance of Business Card Printing

by EricJuly 11, 2017

Business Card Printing Advice from Our Years of Printing in Irvine

Your products deserve accurate representation. Surely! That’s why we work with you and answer questions about what we know works. But, here are some of the subtle messages you may not know about what your design choices mean in the realm of marketing, especially with physical printing.


1.) Why Are Business Cards Important?

Business Cards are your salespeoples’ assistants, and they function to keep your brand in front of your audience even when sales can’t be. Everyone knows you can get cheap business cards printed online, but to what extent does this separate you from a sea of other shoddy business cards?

Your marketing efforts need to feel committed for a customer, many businesses do not settle for anything less than making sure that any piece of company material a prospect can get their hands on, is always top-grade material. This is because as humans, we make associations between two related objects. Average business card means average company, and when someone needs service, they generally go for what they can assume is 4 to 5 star grade material.

2.) What To Print Your Business Cards On?

There’s a lot of different emotional facets printed material can produce in your audience. Matte black on heavy stock is strong, professional, nearly aggressive. In the modern era, it also presents a sleek alternative to the standard white-background-with-colored-text approach. This approach (Heavier, more intense colors with strong thick paper stock and matte textures) is going to appeal a lot more to the male audience than the female audience, as expected.

16-point C2S gloss cover business card stock

Perfect print material for big, bold business cards for brands of the same mission. This business card persists through time due to its heavy and bold weight, which customers will subconsciously assume a sense of quality. A sleek and glossy finish makes 16-point C2S feel polished and modern, considerably even “new age,” in customers’ hands. It’s a great business card for businesses that command attention, know they’re important, and refuse to be ignored.


13-point recycled matte cover business card stock

Matte business card stocks create a sense of sophistication and elegance to your brand; moreover, the fact that this paper is recycled means it supports your green initiatives with eco-friendly business cards, and this comes without sacrificing print color and quality. A great majority of businesses today are going for the super-glossy look, so 13-point recycled matte business cards will help your business stand out with subtle difference.

Uncoated business card stock

You might want to go with uncoated business cards to help brand your company with at raditional feel. These cards stand out primarily from their textured surface, and ability to be easily written on. These are perfect business cards for medical offices, or appointment-based businesses where a prospect can write a reminder, notes, or an appointment on the front or back. Uncoated business cards, the original business cards, are far less common with the introduction of digital printing and glossy paper stocks; however, they’re making a comeback for their ability to command attention in a market where people are somewhat tired of every company trying to have shiny, overt business cards.

15-point velvet cover business card stock

Known as perhaps the most luxurious business card stock; this type of business card paper is created with a smooth, but firm velvety finish. It’s also a thick, heavy business card. This added weight combined with a soft feel makes this an excellent business card for professionals who need to build trust, with an image being portrayed as “soft and heavy” in order to subconsciously signal customers to lend trust and feelings of safety under your ward.

14-point C1S gloss cover business card stock

The “C1S” means it’s only coated on one side, which makes it the perfect business card paper stock for anyone who routinely needs to write on the back of their business cards. If you often share personal numbers and have custom writing needs for the back of your cards, or something for the client to write in themselves on the back while maintaining a protected layer of brand imagery on the front, then the 14-point C1S gloss cover is the perfect business card paper stock for you.

Have your own in-house graphics design? Not a problem. Contact us and mention you want a web-to-print portal created for your own company, and we’ll make sure you always have access to creating your own, stunning materials straight from the most state-of-the art quality printers.

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