Best Tips for using Marketing Collateral

by wp_adminJune 23, 2017

Business Direct Mail has, for a long time, been used in advertising. However, your Business print marketing material must be well planned and executed so that you can maximize on opportunities that are available through Business Direct Mail such as longer sales cycles, heightened credibility and profits.

Here are some tips to maximize on your Business Marketing Materials:

1. Have a good mailing list.

Your mailing list should be comprised by your customer base. These are people who already like your product and will like your promos. They need less convincing, so a simple postcard will do. If you don’t have a mailing list, put an online ad offering free materials related to your business or service. Those who respond to your ad can become your mailing list. If you are sending your Business print marketing materials to a hodgepodge of people, remember that you have to try harder through your mail to convince them of your product. It is the same case with potential clients who meet your market profile. They will require well planned and attractive Business print marketing material that is visually attractive and lists down the product benefits.

2. Do your research.

Ideally, you want to send your Business print marketing material to your target market, including those who fit your profile but are not on your mailing list. With your target market profile in mind, correlate how your product will benefit them. If your product is a vacuum cleaner, will it be lighter and easier to transport? Is it energy saving? Will it clean more efficiently?

3. Plan your pitch.

List down the benefits of your product and emphasize how it can help your target market. If your product solves a problem, delineate clearly the inconveniences that are wrought by the problem, and then state how your product will resolve these inconveniences.

4. Write your Business Brochure.

You will need a strong headline. The body of your copy must be honest. Don’t make any outrageous claims, as this will turn off the reader. Be convincing and credible. Make the reader desire your product or service. At the end of your Business Brochure, add a call to action. Tell the reader what you want him or her to do.

5. Copy and graphics.

Don’t overcrowd your Business Brochure with too many images. Instead, pick one strong image that conveys your brand and message to your market, and make it the focus of your Business Brochure. Use bold letters for your headline. For the body, choose a font that is simple and clear. Fancy fonts will inhibit readability, defeating the purpose of your Business Brochure.

6. Layout.

Choose a clear, simple, clutter-free layout. Don’t be afraid of white space. What matters is that your content comes across crisply and clearly and it is easily understood by your audience. Don’t forget to include the logo. This will build up customer recall and branding.

7. Get the reader involved.

Make an offer, but put a time limit on it so that the reader will respond early. You can offer a discount, but these tend to cut into your profits. Bonus products or services are better. For example, if they order a whole pizza, offer a free slice of a new kind of pizza that you want to promote. In this way, they get to taste it and if they like it, they will come back for more.

8. Don’t forget the envelope.

Make your envelope simple and professional so that it will impress the receiver. Also, add a teaser on the envelope that intrigues the reader and makes him or her want to see what’s inside.

9. Printer.

Choose a quality printer with a reputation that you can trust. A good printer will understand the process of printing and what it entails, and can walk you through the process in a way that inspires your confidence and leaves you with peace of mind.

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