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by wp_adminMarch 2, 2017

Have you upgraded your WI-FI router after 2001? If the answer is no or ‘not sure’, then it may be time to look at upgrading your hardware and software.

It does seem like a miracle that your technology has made it this far with your business, but, usually the dilemma is: do you stay with the old technology that’s worked for years or spend money to upgrade? Quoted from am IT Group, about some of the negatives:

Outdated technology is more prone to hardware failures
Outdated technology is more prone to hardware failures

Malicious security breaches in technology are simply a function of time and quality. Good security might slow down attackers, but with enough time, any security can be broken. The complexity of modern software simply means that security flaws are unavoidable. Companies constantly release security updates for their at-risk software, and for good reason. When you use older technology, you risk exposing yourself via known flaws/exploits and attacks for which you have no defense. The longer you continue to use this outdated technology, the more susceptible you are to attacks

Outdated Technology is more subject to Hardware Failures

Using older hardware will generally lead to increases in your hardware failure rate. The fast and iterative technological improvements in the hardware sector mean that technology today tends to be much more reliable than hardware from just a few years ago, all else equal. A general consequence of this iterative improvement cycle is that hardware tends to become obsolete very quickly, ending up discontinued, or being produced on a limited basis, and backwards compatibility for newer hardware is not always guaranteed. The general trend for technology is to begin depreciating in price as soon as it is released, hitting a trough around the time of discontinuation, then rising back up again as supply dries up, before plateauing for a non-trivial amount of time. What this generally means is that after discontinuation, the cost of repair on older hardware will actually increase, not decrease. Outdated Technology Limits Competitiveness Generally speaking, newer technology means more capability. This is true of both software and hardware. By using outdated technologies, a company simply won’t be able to keep up with growing demands on their technological infrastructure. In addition to this, outdated technologies tend to not scale very well, which can result in a devastating loss of business when the technology reaches its limits.”

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