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Business stationery is a fundamental part of a company’s branding. It helps to present the corporate image that you want to convey to clients, both valued, long-term clients and potential new ones.

Business stationery should be crisp and smart looking. It should clearly indicate that you are a firm that engages in professionalism at its highest level. Your business stationery can either be sent by mail or used when you message business clients via the internet, fax or for invoices.

Business professionals who strive for excellence know the importance of ensuring that their business stationary sends the right message in terms of branding, relaying a message of professionalism and making potential clients feel that this is the firm they can confidently work with.

Business stationery has traditionally been either white or ecru in color. However, today one can still give the impression of professionalism and quality while adding ”personality” to business stationery.

This can be done through the company logo design or finding other elements of the business stationery where a change can be made that is distinctive and lends the impression of confidence, a sense of being detail oriented, successful and professional.

Some pointers to keep in mind when planning your business stationery are:

  • Use good quality paper, heavier and brighter bond at least 22 to 24 pound bond. Anything less looks cheap.
  • Use a brightness rating of 90 or better. A higher value adds brightness to the paper and makes the text look crisp with better resolution.
  • Add your logo and contact information. A home business may opt for return address labels that they can attach to business stationery envelopes.
  • Decide on the color ink, type and color of paper, and whether to have flat printed, thermographed or engraved stationery.
  • Business corporate letterhead should be available for employees, but top level executives should have personalized letterheads that include personalized contact information.

Corporate Color Printing, Inc. has over 25 years of experience in printing business stationery for leading brands, a number of which are globally recognized. Our vast experience can help you in securing your image and branding through your selections of color, font, logo design, paper and all other elements that go into a carefully packaged business brand.