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If you really want your direct mail marketing campaign to work, you have to pick postcards. According to USPS, business postcards are read 6 times more frequently than direct mail letters. That alone is an incentive to begin using postcards when you market your business.

Postcards can be used in many ways. If you are a photographer, you can promote your business with images of your work on a postcard with your contact information for clients to book you.

A shop owner may use postcards to announce a special sale or wish customers happy holidays.

A beauty salon postcard can highlight its services, pricing and branding. Special events can be announced in postcards, too.

Business postcards can be used simply to announce a new business is in town, or serve as an order form that people can fill out and mail back. They can also be handed out on the sidewalk to announce a ‘freebie’, special promotion, new products or services.

Postcards are also great for holiday greetings, this way showing your clientele that you remember and appreciate them, and strengthening relations with preferred clients while building new ones.

It’s an affordable way to reach your target market and gain their interest, provided the postcard is of high quality and designed to attract the interest of your market.

Quality Postcards

Corporate Color Printing, Inc. has had over 25 years of experience in designing and printing postcards for some of the most widely known brands in the country.

We can provide everything you need to make your business postcard fit your marketing needs. Be it a simple print and mail order, or complete solution of designing, printing, and mailing postcards.

We also offer varieties in sizes, selections in card stock, glossy or matte, and a selection of graphics or the creation of new ones. We can even print your personalized custom design. Our expert advice and help in how to convey your intended message to your target market, is also available, as well as postcard mailing and assistance in having a targeted mailing list.