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Large format printing is a great way to establish your brand in a big way.

There comes a time when one has to think large. This is the time for you to consider adding large format printing to your advertising campaign. When that time comes, make sure that more than big, your large format print spells high quality.

Examples of large format prints include large vinyl posters (hung from a building), billboards, signage, exhibits, advertisement posters, banners, life size mockups, digital art prints, business banners, business graphics, backlits, wall graphics, window film and vehicle wraps, among others.

The bottom line is, all businesses can gain from large format printing advertisements, which can be displayed both indoors and outdoors.

When placed outdoors, large format prints on busy streets can showcase your products and services with such impact that within a fraction of a second, a deeply-rooted impression is captured in the mind of your target market.

When used indoors, large format printing grabs the attention of shoppers and separates your product and brand from all the others in a store.

Large format print advertising is also a way to highlight your business in trade shows, events or offices to boost your overall marketing and advertising campaign.

Large Format Printing Tips

Both large format and smaller printing can be done digitally. What is important is that you check the image resolution of your files. Different printers will have different settings and because of this, they will also have different requirements for large format printing.

Commonly, 300 PPI is suitable for regular prints, and 600 PPI for large format printing. There are some printers, however, who will require a PPI that is much higher. Conversely, some printers for normal jobs can go as low as 200 PPI. So if you plan to go into large format printing, be sure to know the requirements of your printer.

There are peak seasons when large format printing is particularly useful. These include holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day, when sales go up and you would want your product to stand out. If you are a small business entrepreneur, schedule your use of large format printing wisely. Also, choose a good printer with a track record and experience, such as Corporate Color Printing, Inc.

Corporate Color Printing, Inc. has over 25 years of experience in the printing business, and has worked with globally recognized brands. Our track record and vast experience can ensure your large format print advertising products will not go to waste.