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There seems to be no limit to the ways business envelopes are used. There are also seemingly limitless possibilities on the types and styles of envelopes that can be designed to meet your business needs.

In choosing a printer for your envelope needs, it goes without saying that it makes sense to choose a printer who has a track record for excellence. An envelope is the first impression that a client will have when he/she receives your business correspondence. You need a printer that knows how to design an envelope with a professional look that builds up confidence of potential clients and helps maintain your brand identity.

Business envelopes are used to mail flyers, information letters, promotional materials, catalogues, sales announcements, news about events, product launches, customer service communications, donation requests, invoices and bills, among others.

There are ways to make your business envelope stand out. You can play with size, decoration, color, graphics, design, weight, finish, feel and overall look.

Types of business envelopes

There are several types and sizes of business envelopes.

  • Catalog envelopes usually have an open end style on the short side for larger inserts and documents that can be placed in without being folded.
  • Lined security envelopes are very popular amongbusinesses, however, plain envelopes are the most affordable envelopes if you’re on a tight budget.
  • Window envelopes are used for bills, statements and invoices.
  • Double window envelopes are useful for both the sender and the receiver’s addresses, and is usually used for return mail if you’re expecting customer to send you something back.
  • Remittance envelopes have large flaps and can be printed both inside and out.
  • Jumbo or extra large envelopes are used by engineering firms, ad agencies and hospitals, among others.
  • Small envelopes are for coins, small parts, seeds or other such items.
  • Full view window envelopes easily show the receiver what is inside.

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