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play a critical new role in business marketing and advertising these days: It generates interest in the catalog recipient, drives people to your website, and helps to generate more sales.

Research has shown that the catalog format is particularly successful in this. When planning your catalog, be sure that you have the assistance of a credible printing firm with a good track record like Corporate Color Printing, Inc.

Corporate Color Printing, Inc. has been in the printing business for ovr 25 years and has serviced the printing requirements of hundreds of clients, including many globally recognized brands.

A beautiful print catalog that is well organized, designed with beautiful images and crisp copy can entice old and new clientele to look up your website and see what more you have to offer.

A printed catalog should beautifully display your products and get your contact and website information across to the recipient clearly and easily. If the catalog is well done and planned according to your target market with specific end goals in mind you can drive more people to your website and generate more sales.

Printed catalogs can either be sent through direct mail or handed out at trade shows, conferences, showrooms and other places. People have the convenience of being able to take their time to look through your catalog and consider the products and/or services that you offer.

Catalogs are used by businesses that specialize in products for retail and sale such as handbags and clothing, services such as health and beauty salons, causes such as ecology and green living, agriculture, graphic designs, museum catalogs, real estate, religion and technology.

Corporate Color Printing, Inc. offers some tips on how to make a good catalog:

  • Be clear about your target market and your business goal. Itemize your products in a way that best suits your target market.
  • Have a well organized catalog. Make it easy to follow and ensure that the price per item is clear. Include useful information in a way that is clear, concise and straight to the point.
  • Don’t put in too much information. You want to leave enough so that the reader will know what he is buying. Don’t be afraid of blank spaces.
  • Keep it simple. Use high res images of good quality.
  • Make it easy for recipients to contact you. Include all your contact information on every page.
  • Make sure the quality of your catalog is excellent in terms of images, layout, paper stock, clarity and quality of printing.