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Printed books have obvious qualities that distinguish them from ebooks. It doesn’t mean that one is better than the other, but that the format has different facets and the way that you will use them will be a determining factor on whether you will choose to download a book (which will be cheaper), or buy a printed version of it.

In printing books, look for a credible printer with a track record of successful work. Corporate Color Printing, Inc. has been in the business for over 25 years, serving hundreds of self-published authors and companies looking to print text manuals.

Our experience gives us firsthand knowledge of what types of books are better in a printed format. Take, for example, accounting books. These often require a lot of flipping of pages, and it is easier to do this on a hardcopy, and annoying to do it with an online version. You also want to keep your hardcopy accounting books for future reference, as the tendency is to go back to them over and over again.

Generally speaking, print books are always easier when you want quick reference. Schools will always have a place for them, especially because students like to put notes in the margins.

Printed children’s books are also a necessity as they are a great way for children to learn to read. The children can better remember the words and the story line because of the pictures in the book.

Books also are a means for children to have many sensory experiences. Some books have pages with different types of cloths so the child understands texture. Other books have stickers so the child can feel as though she is participating in completing the book. Still others are pop ups.

The variation possibilities with printed children’s books teach them special skills, for example the experience of looking for special surprises in a book by lifting a flap (where perhaps a rabbit is hidden), or pulling a paper lever to make two men shake hands.

The most important quality of printed books is the sense of permanence. People once memorized their family trees, and folklore was passed down through generations, verbally.

Books, like architecture, tell a historical tale of civilizations, and present an impression of what makes us who we are today. We are not so sure of such permanence with ebooks, where hackers and viruses can in one sweep delete an entire online bookstore of novels, textbooks and encyclopedias.

Corporate Color Printing, Inc. has printed thousands of books and has the expertise to advise you on specific aspects of book printing including trim sizes, use of color, black and white, hard cover versus soft cover books and other printing needs.

Corporate Color Printing can also lend advice and help in the publishing and distribution of books, marketing, publicity, and other facets needed for beginning book authors who have an appreciation for the qualities of permanence.