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The Value of In-House Mailing

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Why Direct Mail

With high quality printing and cost-effective Mailing Services all under one roof, we make it easy to execute an effective direct mail campaign. Using state-of-the-art postal presort and CASS certification software, we receive postage discounts that are passed directly on to you. We save you time, money, and provide quality product and services to ensure your direct mail campaign is a success.

The Value of In-House Mailing:

  • Avoid shipping costs
  • Remove inconvenience of 3rd party mail houses

Receive lowest postage rates possible Mailing Services Include:

  • US Postage – first class or bulk rate
  • Processing of a Single List
  • CASS certification to ensure lowest postage rates
  • Inkjet addressing using state-of-the-art equipment
  • Postal presorting groups cards for faster processing
  • USPS on-site verification is efficient and reliable
  • Reasonable Prices & Custom Options

USPS Guidelines

(You only need to know this if you’re designing your own mailing pieces.)
These helpful hints will meet requirements for postage discounts from the United States Postal Service.

When possible, orient panels so the fold is at the bottom and the open side is at the top.

When possible, orient folded edges on the right side. This is the first side of a mail-piece to enter mail-processing equipment. Although this won’t generate any postal discount, your mailer will be less likely to catch and tear in the postal machinery. Do not place tabs or wafer seals within the bar code clear zone.

Make sure your tabs & seals are flush with the mail-piece edge so they don’t snag.

Early in the design process, have your local USPS Mail-piece Design Analyst check to see if the design, size and weight of your piece will allow it to be handled by automated mail processing equipment.

NOTE: Make sure the reverse side of your postcard products yield to the bar code clear zone!

When planning the address side of a post card design or mailing, it’s important to know the postal regulations concerning the bar code clear zone.

Bar codes are a series of vertical lines of two different heights. The postal service prints a bar code in the lower right corner of most mail to speed the sorting and delivering of mail to its destination.

The bar code clear zone is defined by these boundaries:

  • Right: Right edge of the mail piece.
  • Left: 4 3/4″ from the right edge of the mail piece.
  • Bottom: Bottom edge of the mail piece.
  • Top: 5/8″ from the bottom edge of the mail piece.

If copy is placed in this zone, it may be covered with an adhesive strip by the USPS to spray on the destination bar code. To make sure this doesn’t happen with your cards we recommend you check your layout against these specifications or with your local post office.

Postal Alert

Don’t risk having your mailings returned to you – instead of being delivered to your prospects. When you are planning the address side of a post card mailing, it’s important to know that if an address is to be printed in the bottom 2/3 of the copy area, the Post Office scanners may read this as the mailing address and deliver it back to you! To avoid potential mailing delays, we recommend that you check your layout with the Post Office or place any address copy in the top 1/3 of the copy area.


USPS MailmanWith many media options available to you, why should you choose direct mail? Consider this. What’s the first thing you do when you get home from work? If you’re like most people, you grab the mail and look through it. Before you turn on the television, before you read a magazine or newspaper – before you do almost anything else.

If we had to guess, you aren’t looking for bills! Mail is the most intimate, personal media option because it communicates directly to you!

You are compelled to read your mail because you know it contains information that you want to know, need to know, or simply find interesting or useful. No other media option has the same pull or the same impact.

You can hold it in your hand, take as long as you need to review it, and it doesn’t disappear after 30 or 60 seconds like broadcast media. You can even file it away if you want to refer to it later.

Let me share some statistics with you:

  • Over 50% of all mail is immediately read every day
  • An additional 20% is looked at
  • 5% is set aside for later review

By definition, I would call the 16% that was not read “Junk Mail” because the message was not relevant to the person it was sent to! With a strong message and careful targeting, there is a strong chance your mail will be read by the right person.

Now consider this:

Households are twice as likely to read a piece of mail if it comes from a company or organization they have heard of before and over three and a half times as likely to find that information useful. Furthermore, 80% of revenues each year come from the client’s existing mailing list. While identifying new prospects is always important, never neglect your core business.

With the use of highly targeted mailing lists, direct mail is the most cost effective media option.

The beauty of direct mail is that it can be targeted to a very specific audience. Consider how cost effective direct mail is at getting the right message to the right person.

Broadcast media is ideal for branding a product or service when you are trying to reach a large demographic or everyone in an area. But when you need to reach a very specific segment of the population, broadcast media becomes very costly because of all of its wasted reach.

Without question, direct mail is an integral part of every marketing campaign. In fact, it’s the fastest growing media option because of its ability to achieve cost effective, measurable results.

So once you’ve decided that direct mail is the right media choice, how do you make sure that what you send gets read?

Start by deciding exactly what your goal is. Then, design a piece that will cut through the clutter, grab the reader’s attention, and achieve your marketing objective. When designing a direct mail postcard, we follow one simple formula. Make the front interesting enough to get the reader to turn it over, and make the back compelling enough to visit your showroom, call for more information or go to your website.

The following formats performed best in the category for pieces immediately read:

  • Postcards 76.1%
  • Letter-size envelopes 74.3%
  • Larger-than-letter-size 71.8%
  • Flyers 67.7%
  • Catalogs 67.1%

What’s interesting about this information is that the least expensive format is also the most effective!

No matter what format you choose, remember that you have about a half second to grab someone’s attention.

All it takes is a clear understanding of your marketing objective, a well-thought out message, and some creativity. Then you can successfully use direct mail to affordably accomplish your advertising goals.

Direct mail is more effective than ever.

With the National Do Not Call Registry making it tough on telemarketers, mail is becoming the marketing vehicle of choice. USPS volume has seen a huge increase since October 2004 with standard mail up 6.1%. With traditional business correspondence becoming more electronic, this an enormous net increase which is primarily due to mail marketers. Let us help you design a mail campaign today and see how companies are increasing their sales and customer base.

Come to us for all your business full color printing needs. Services include full color brochure printing, full color printing, commercial printing, and digital printing. We can do all types of full color stationery, including letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels, and business cards. Don’t forget full color postcard printing as well. Whether it is real estate postcards, marketing post cards, announcements postcards, or any other type of business post card, or full color post card printing, we can handle it. Don’t forget our line of statement stuffers, rack cards, bookmarks, notecards and CD Covers. Newsletters and flyers. Catalogs and booklets are another specialty. Finally, we can design it all as well, including logo design, brochure design, and stationery design.

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