Environmental Policy

Orange County Green Business PrinterCorporate Color Printing, Inc. is an environmentally friendly commercial printing company located in Southern California and we have more than 25 years experience delivering quality printing to our clients. We recognize that we have an important responsibility to our clients, our environment and our community.

Sustainability is an ever-evolving process, and we will continue to hold ourselves to high standards and provide a more environmentally responsible product to our clients. Some of the specific steps that we are taking include:

  • Offering a wide selection of recycled paper
  • Using soy and vegetable-based inks, low in Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Operating as a carbon-neutral business via carbon offsets from Carbonfund.org
  • 100% wind energy offsets for our entire facility
  • Investing in state-of-the art equipment to minimize waste
  • Chemical Free prepress department
  • Using technology to implement streamlined operations that optimize efficiency
  • Doing almost all of our printing on-site, which enables us to maintain consistency and quality and closely monitor our environmental impact
  • Supporting the green movement as a whole by partnering with organizations that promote the transition to a green economy
  • Making donations in the form of printing or money to worthy, local organizations

We are proud of our achievement, becoming one of the most environmentally responsible green printing companies in Southern California and we will continue to strive to find and implement new ways to become more environmentally conscious.


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