An Overview of Green Printing

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The printing industry as a whole is one of the imperative industries because of its wide usage and for the number of people who are directly and indirectly dependent on them. From the time when paper was invented printing became popular and now a day’s printing has moved on from paper to textiles and more. Today we are in a situation where printing is blended in everything that we see and do… right from the parceled food that we eat to the everyday commodities that we use, printing is seen in the covers. When we talk about printing industry and one of the main ingredients in this is the dye that they use. We all are well aware that the dyes that are used for the printing purpose are synthetic ones that are harmful when consumed and can affect or pollute the environment in a slow but a steady state. The printing industry is thus regarded as one of the important reason for environmental pollution. Not just because of the dye that they use but even because of the amount of paper that is been wasted every time when some error happens while printing.

In recent days, voices in favor of Eco friendly measures are rising up drastically and people are working hard towards making other to follow the GO-GREEN motto! Green Printing is one among the measures that is been taken by ecosystem lovers to save the earth from green house effect and global warming.

When it comes to the technique of Green Printing, water less printing is said to be the most effective plans. A normal offset printing technique makes use of a lot of water as well as alcohol for the printing purpose and the polluted water turns futile. Same way the paper on which the harmful dyes are used turns as another ways of polluting the earth’s soil when it is set for decomposition. Though the paper is reused, the amount of pollution that printing passes through the paper is never going to change and at the end will turn as a harmful pollutant.

Unlike the old methods where people used the plate systems and harmful chemicals along with fresh water, the Eco friendly printing uses computers and hence the film processing need not devour fresh water anymore. You might wonder… How to identify printing companies that follow only Green printing techniques? The answer is very simple, there are companies out there that follow 100 percent Eco-friendly ways of printing and processing papers. These companies can be identified with the help of the green certificates that area offer by Eco friendly institutions. One of the most important steps that these companies take to be Eco friendly is by using green inks. The harmful dyes are totally avoided and dyes that are produced by natural stuffs are been used for this modern type of printing.